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Apr 18, 2014

In last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, we were introduced to the secret hangout of the Travelers, where we discovered that there was yet another Stefan doppelganger lurking somewhere as an EMT. And with Caroline and Enzo off to hunt him down, could there be a love connection there? And what about this mysterious leader of the Travelers named Markos? What could his arrival mean for the residents of Mystic Falls?

We caught up with Candice Accola to get some information about just how bad Markos is, and what she thinks about Steroline, Klaroline, and more:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We ended last week with Carolne and Enzo going off to find yet another Stefan doppelganger, and my biggest fear was that the next episode would pick up with them already back, but it sounds like we’re going to see this trip and maybe learn a little more about this doppelganger?
CANDICE ACCOLA: Yes, we are going on a road trip with Caroline and Enzo, and they’re on the hunt for Stefan’s doppelganger, and so we’re going to go along with them, and we’re going to meet this doppelganger and we’re going to learn a little bit more about why he is so valuable to the Travelers.

And that leads me to my next concern: Caroline was talking last week like she’s going to be able to go off and kill this guy, but it would be difficult to kill someone who looks exactly like your best friend.
Yes, and I think Caroline has told herself, “No I can do this, I can do this,” and Stefan’s a little bit more clear-headed. At the end of the episode we saw him saying, “I’m not sure you quite understand what you’re saying right now; I’m not sure you can actually handle it.” But Caroline’s off on this road trip to do what she can for Stefan, and Stefan is her main priority, and their relationship and their friendship has grown so much at this point, so it’s her kind of act of valor to really support Stefan, save Stefan and make sure that he is safe. And whatever she has to do in order to keep him safe, she’s willing to do.

I’ve read two different accounts of Stefan and Caroline sharing a moment of friendship in this episode and then potentially it being a little cold outside and maybe cuddling a bit, so what can you tell me about what’s in store for the two of them this week?
I can say when we really filmed the scenes it was very cold, incredibly cold. [Laughs]We saw some really great moments between Caroline and Stefan as friends in last week’s episode, and that’s going to continue into this week’s. Primarily, we’re going to be focused on Caroline and Enzo’s road trip, but we’re also going to see a really nice opportunity, a really raw moment of friendship between Caroline and Stefan.

Paul [Wesley] got his say at PaleyFest when he mentioned how he’d like to see them take that next step and maybe make things romantic, but personally, would you want to see them go there?
Ever since season 2, when Stefan kind of took Caroline under his vampire wing and taught her how to behave like a good little vampire, there’s been a lot of viewers and fans in the Twitterverse expressing their hope of Steroline, I think they call it, to happen one day. So there’s definitely been speculation and some build up, and it would definitely be a bold choice for both of them to engage in any sort of romantic relationship given the friendship of Caroline and Elena and the history between Elena and Stefan. And so you never know what can happen in the future between these two characters, but I imagine it being very dramatic if anything were to happen.

Personally, I was kind of into Caroline and Enzo last week, and I know this week, he opens up a little bit, so is there a connection there?
Well I love that any character that comes on with an accent [is] attracted to Caroline, and I love that the writers gave that a nod in last week’s episode when Enzo goes, “Oh I heard you had a thing for accents.” [Laughs] Caroline and Enzo will be on this road trip together; they’re going to spend some time together, and through Caroline, we’re going to be able to learn more about this new character, Enzo, and why he’s in Mystic Falls, why he’s such great friends with Damon, and a little bit more about his history and who he is, and we’re going to just get to know this new character a little bit.

I’m still trying to work out how I feel about the Travelers, but I know we’re meeting their leader, Markos, this week. Is he the next big bad? What can you tell me about him?
Markos is definitely the next big bad. The Travelers are his legion, his army, so we’re going to learn more about them. We’re going to learn more about the mythology of the Travelers, why they’ve chosen Mystic Falls, and if they are all unified or not.

How does Markos compare to other big bads, to Silas or Klaus or Katherine. Where does he rank?
To be quite honest, we’re still learning about Markos throughout the end of the season, and he’s pretty bad. I think where he differs from the big bads of the past is that what comes with him is a whole new mythology that we’re learning about that is really based in witchcraft. It’s a whole other realm, so what makes him interesting and terrifying is that he’s rooted in [this] new mythology that we’ve been learning about throughout the season, so as we learn about the Travelers, we’re going to learn more about how big and how bad Markos is.

At PaleyFest, EP Caroline Dries also talked about things looking bad and getting worse for Stefan, so what can you tell me about his end-of-season run? Is this going to be awful?
In what way?

I’ll put it this way: Can it be worse than getting stuck in a lock box at the bottom of a quarry?
No, I think being stuck in a lock box is pretty awful. We’re still getting the finale together at this point, but all of the characters are going into the end of the [season] with hope, and if you’ve been a viewer of the series, you know how that turns out sometimes.

Finally, I can’t not touch on Klaroline. At PaleyFest, Joseph Morgan said he kind of feels like it’s more or less a done deal. Is that how you look at the two of them?
Personally, I’ve always looked at the two of them as a done deal, but I guess that’s just the logical side saying, “Why would you ever want to date like a serial murderer to buy you fancy things every once in a while and who’s a terrible awful evil person?” But I guess from the fans and viewers perspective, it’s a little bit more romantic than that.[Laughs] As far as on the series goes, they’re living in two different worlds at this point. Will Caroline ever visit New Orleans? Who knows. Will Klaus ever come back for seconds? Who knows. But at this point it seems that he’s pretty preoccupied in New Orleans and Caroline is definitely preoccupied at college.



Feb 14, 2014

“The Vampire Diaries” is ready to dive deeper into the new mythology of the series on CW, and now fans are being given new inside scoop on what is coming next from a member of the cast. On Feb. 11, TV Guide shared the latest comments made by Candice Accola. She stars as Caroline Forbes on the series.

On the last episode, Wes managed to give Damon the vampire feeding virus, and now Damon is now a vampire on the hunt for other vampires to feed on. Caroline will be more involved with Damon during this new story line. Candice Accola teased the following about the virus and the travelers:

Caroline will focus her attention on finding out what this virus is capable of. We’re [also] going to have a big wake-up call to the new mythology we’ve slowly gotten to learn about over the season with the Travelers, as well as the who, the what and the why of it all.

The travelers have been around all season long, and they did steal blood from Elena and Stefan. The reason for that will be revealed soon enough. They are now behind Wes’ new experiments, so the travelers will be around for a bit.



Feb 09, 2014

Are The Vampire Diaries Caroline and Tyler over for good? And is there even hope for a friendship?

Although Tyler (Michael Trevino) was the one to walk away from the relationship, Caroline (Candice Accola) committed the ultimate act of betrayal by sleeping with his mortal enemy, Klaus (Joseph Morgan). With the cat out of the bag, and Tyler sure that he wants nothing to do with her, Caroline walked into this episode’s Bitter Ball and shredded remnants of both men.

But does Caroline ever remain single for very long? Although there were hints of jealousy over watching Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena/Katherine (Nina Dobrev) dance, Accola tells TVGuide.com that those two are destined for great friendship.

Keep reading for more on Caroline’s trio of men, including whether or not a reconciliation with Tyler is in the cards and why her feelings for Stefan might be misconstrued.

Klaus and Caroline finally had sex — hot sex. Were you happy they went there?
Candice Accola: 
Yes. When I get very into a storyline as a TV viewer and want something to happen so bad and there’s so much build-up, it’s exciting to watch. To my knowledge, the writers never had any intention of bringing those two together, especially with the spin-off, so I think it was a great moment and I think the whole 100th episode was written with the viewers in mind to give them what they wanted.

It’s always a hot topic. Did you receive negative feedback about it?
I’ve never gotten any sort of negative feedback, but people would say, “I want Tyler and Caroline to be together, but I want her and Klaus to just do it once.” So it was great to know it was going to happen and people would get what they asked for.

Can Caroline and Tyler recover from this?
Do I think they can come back from Caroline’s time with Klaus? I don’t think so. On paper, no one did anything wrong. They were broken up. No one cheated. But it’s personal. When you cross those lines and those boundaries, I would find it pretty impossible to be in a relationship and then be able to come back from that.

What about just as friends?
 Caroline needs this idea of perfection and for no one to be mad at her and for everyone to be happy at all times, so we’ll see a lot of great scenes coming up between Caroline and Tyler with her struggling to find a friendship, but also release some of the guilt she’s been holding onto because she knows she made a mistake. The one thing to remember is that they’re 19 and 20. If Caroline was my age it’s like, you know better. At 19 and 20 and it’s your first boyfriend and you’re high on hormones and haven’t fallen down a lot in relationships, it’s an opportunity to learn a lesson, just the really hard way. That’s how I looked at Caroline’s choice of being with Klaus and that’s why I don’t necessarily see her and Tyler reconciling their relationship, but I think there’s possibility for them to be friends.

Caroline has seemed a little jealous over Stefan recently. Does she want their friendship to become something more?
 I was hoping it wouldn’t come off as jealousy, but more protective. When I read [the scene] I had the same question, but I think it’s more that she just doesn’t feel right about [him and Elena]. Stefan is finally getting his life together and Caroline is trying to be there for Elena, but if you want the best intentions for everyone you’ll say, “No, this isn’t a good idea. Everyone is finally getting their own lives together. Why are you going back?” So I think she just felt protective.

Would you personally like it to become more?
 I’ve really enjoyed watching Caroline and Stefan’s relationship grow over the past couple of seasons because it just shows that the evolution of Caroline. At the beginning, she was just after him because he was the cute new boy in town and she never really had a friend that was male that she was just friends with. She’s had a relationship with a lot of the gentlemen on the series and again, that can happen when you’re young, but I like that this has remained a friendship and that there hasn’t been an onslaught of sexual tension with them.

But the two of them are pretty good at solving things together like Elena’s sire bond to Damon last season. Will they figure this one out too?
 They’re really good at figuring things out, but we’ll definitely get to hang out with Katherine for a while as she takes over Elena’s body.  And you can expect her to stir up some trouble.

The Vampire Diaries returns with new episodes on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 8/7c.



Dec 29, 2013

Candice made an interview to E! Online on the set of The Vampire Diaries. She talked about the relationship between Caroline and Stefan.